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Liver Max

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Description:Liver is the “filter system” of the body and works to filter out all the toxins in the body, that’s in addition to poison control. The liver is the body’s largest organ and does a variety of duties to keep us functioning at our best, duties like breaking down old blood cells & releasing proteins that help prevent blood clotting, fat metabolism and breaking down fat cells to release energy, Carb and Protein Metabolism, and most importantly the liver also helps create bile which is important in the breaking down of fats and aids in digestion.

Our Liver Max supplement Rejuvenate the organs from long term use of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, unhealthy diet and processed foods; you will start noticing increase in energy, improved mental clarity, and better overall health. Our supplement promotes liver health & Detoxification, Kidney and immune system, moreover, it may also help with weight management.

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